Solar Photovoltaics (PV)

Project background

 A 1990s detached renovated farmhouse 200m² located in County Monaghan, has benefitted from the installation of Solar Photovoltaics (PV) at their home.

The homeowner has introduced a number of  energy upgrades to their home prior to the installation of the PV system. This includes a Ground Source Heat Pump (10.35 kW heating capacity) which was installed in 2003. The property has variable levels of insulation throughout including additional attic joist insulation to reduce heat loss and improve the efficiency of the heat pump system. The property’s BER was B3 before installation of the Solar PV system. The homeowner considered a Solar PV system to help reduce the cost of electricity for their home. 


solar panels

The roof of the property was deemed unsuitable for the installation of roof-mounted Solar PV.

The installer determined an area of land adjacent to the property as suitable for a ground mounted system.

In 2019, the homeowner installed a 6kW ground mounted Solar PV system and a 4.8kW battery storage system to store excess electricity for use when needed in the property.


Carbon savings (kg)

Annual cost saving (€)

Following installation of the ground mounted Solar PV system the property has achieved a BER rating of A2. The homeowner also has an electric vehicle which they can now charge using renewable electricity particularly in the summer months. The homeowner has achieved further carbon savings for their home through the introduction of Solar PV.

The homeowner also provided electricity usage for a one year period prior to and following the installation of the Solar PV system for comparison.

The annual electricity usage as a result of the Solar PV installation has decreased by 4896 kWh. This has led to an annual carbon reduction for the property of 1591 kg and a total annual cost saving of 1164 based on the average electricity price for Ireland in 2019.

The homeowner recieved grant support through the SEAI Home Energy Grant Programme for Solar Electricity. 

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